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If you were interested in consumer lending, you may have heard of a service like “interest free credit “. Sounds just perfect – after all, who refuses to take a loan for the required amount, and after a while to repay this money, without overpaying. But here, of course, there are its nuances.

Online credit

Online credit

It is almost unrealistic to get a quick interest-free loan at the bank. In such institutions, there are strict rules, there are a number of conditions that the client must fulfill before obtaining a loan. This is a collection of records and documents, confirmation of income, the provision of collateral and contacts of guarantors. To protect yourself from unreliable payers, the bank necessarily puts some interest. And even after all these procedures, a positive result is not guaranteed.

Another thing is microfinance organizations where you can get a loan online. No need to go to the office, stand in line. The loan process takes no more than 10 minutes, and only the passport and TIN are required from the documents.

The interest rate is usually higher than at banks, but there is an opportunity to get an interest-free consumer loan! How to do it?

How to apply for a loan at 0%?

How to apply for a loan at 0%?

All you need:

  • to register on the company website;
  • specify the desired amount and refund period;
  • attach scans of passports and TINs;
  • provide contact information;
  • add a bank card number.

It is important that this is your first credit. Also, study the conditions of the company in advance, because it can be both a promotion and a permanent offer. For example, for new clients who borrow $ 500 for 10 days. It is important that all the terms of the contract are clear and appropriate for you. This is the only way to guarantee that the borrower will repay the debt.

After making a positive decision, expect a credit card. This money can be used as cash. The main thing is to make the next payment on time. You will see the amount and terms in your personal account.

Our lending company is always ready to offer favorable conditions and the most pleasant cooperation!

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