Boxing: Andy Ruiz: There must be a trilogy vs Anthony Joshua, I deserve one more opportunity

Jhere there is no doubt in Andy Ruizwonders if he would like to face Antoine Joshua once again.

The two fighters met twice in 2019, before the coronavirus pandemic, with Ruiz winning the first fight at Madison Square Garden by TKO, before Joshua won the rematch a few months later in Saudi Arabia by unanimous decision.

Ruiz has since won Chris Arreola and will face Luis Ortiz in September of this year, when the English defeated Kubrat Pulevlost at Oleksandr Usyk and will now face Usyk again in August.

For Ruizhe wants revenge Joshua be organized no matter what happens in each boxer’s upcoming fight.

“Once he beat me there, there should have been a trilogy,” he said in an interview with ID Boxing.

“I should have had one more chance to get those belts back, just like we gave him the chance with the rematch.

“Things happen, he lost again against Usyk and the best man wins.

“Of course there has to be a trilogy. Even if he loses or wins, or if I lose or win, there has to be a trilogy someday and somehow.”

Andy Ruiz talks Usyk vs. Joshua

The American also spoke of Usyk versus Joshua during his appearance on ID Boxing.

“I think it could go either way,” he said as he began his analysis.

“I say Joshua has a new coach in Robert Garciahe’s out there trying to show him the Mexican style of being aggressive, throwing a lot of punches, being first, coming on him.

“But Usyk is a clumsy fighter, he’s a clumsy southpaw fighter.

“That’s why we also chose a left-hander in case we had to cross Usyk.

“Even in combat it’s a bit tricky, but we adapt to it.

“I’m pretty sure if Antoine Joshua fought a lot, because that’s exactly what helps us and having different styles in there, he can adapt.”

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