Football brings Danish family together, fuels Illini’s hope

Rikke moller never really considered being a soccer mom. Heck, she didn’t even know what American football was until a few years ago. She is still learning the game, but the most popular sport in a country far from the ocean is now the focal point of her family’s life.

With his three football-loving sons and his football-loving partner Adrian teague, American football is usually the topic of conversation – a rarity in a Danish household. Rikke grew up playing handball and football is the most popular sport in his home country, just like the rest of Europe.

“I just thought it was all scary,” Rikke said of football.

But her middle of three sons, rock, about eight years ago, started playing American football for a local club, and football quickly took control of the Møller house.

“When we’re around the table, and it’s two against one, it’s never [talk] garden or things like that that they want to talk about, ”Rikke told Illini Inquirer. “No. No, it’s football, football, football, football. I learned a lot about [the game], Yeah.”

Teague intervenes: “I think more than she would like.”

But now Rikke – who says ‘I love being a mom’ to her three football-loving boys – is a pretty typical ‘soccer mom’. She spent hours in the car on Sunday driving to games for her two youngest boys. She washed all the dirty, smelly laundry her boys soak in DNA during workouts and workouts. She’s cooked up the copious amounts of calories her big guys need to play in the trenches.

Rikke even served as the “coordinator” of her son’s teams – a team coached by Teague. No, not the coordinator who called the defense or the attack, but the one who handled most of the logistics and provided much of the food. This is a natural fit for Rikke, who worked for the famous LEGO in Denmark before becoming “Continuous Improvement Manager” for his current company, which is all about making systems more efficient.

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