Karate legend elected vice-president of the African Karate Federation

The South African president of all styles karate was recently elected vice-president of the African Karate Federation.

The electoral victory, which allowed South African karate legend Sonny Pillay to become a member of the UFAK Presidents Executive Board (in addition to becoming a member of the Executive Committee), was concluded at the recent Pan-African Congress of karate 2021 in Cairo.

“I am deeply moved by said election victory,” said Pillay, 71. More importantly, he sees this as a victory for Karate South Africa (KSA) and for Africa.

“Being elected ensures that we now have a voice on the All Africa Executive Karate platform. I promise to honor and serve the karate brotherhood of Africa with a focus on development across the continent,” added the seasoned karate leader, now in his 54th year of his career.

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KSA is a proud member of the African Karate Federation UFAK, which is the official governing body for all karate on the African continent recognized by ANOCA and the IOC as a whole.

“KSA is expected to host the ALL Africa UFAK Championships on our Indian Ocean shores in KZN in the near future,” he continued.

Pillay, a son of KZN ground, who is the President of the Commonwealth Karate Nations, was also honored during his recent visit to Egypt with a special commendation award for athletic excellence from the Egyptian society, General Sports Federation, in Alexandria.

The prestigious award was presented to Saudi Arabia’s national karate president, Sonny Pillay, by Egyptian Karate Federation executive member Mohamed Elhosieny, who also sits on the WKF World Technical Council. The world famous karate master regularly gives classes throughout KZN.

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