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Actress Rajshri Ponnappa recently captivated fans and followers with a video of her practicing a unique routine involving stick fights with pieces of yoga and animal flow. This, she says, is the gradual progression she’s made after years of learning martial arts, yoga, and other fitness programs.

“During these tough times, I felt like I needed a workout routine of my own and didn’t need any expensive equipment, so I combined my years of experience with Kalaripayattu with my newfound love for animal flow, then I added So now I have a unique and distinctive routine that helps me stay in shape physically, emotionally and mentally, “says Rajshri, apparently satisfied with her diet. unique fitness, adding: “I have always been goal oriented and not goal oriented; when you are goal oriented everything you do is a goal and that made me give it all what I do every day. As far as mental health goes, it has helped my mind get stronger and made me less desperate. ”

His routine, Rajshri says, also includes elements of Chinese martial arts. She says, “I took Chinese martial art lessons in Wing Chun, which is the first technique Bruce Lee learned and on that basis he developed his own discipline of Jeet Kun Do. I took inspiration from this and developed my own routine based on the different techniques that I have learned and absorbed over the years. ”

The actress admits it took a while for her to master the difficult routine, which seems difficult to do. “It’s my way of making many young girls understand not to let doubt seep into their psyche.

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