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Anthony, who many may know as sifu Anthony (well-known Muay Thai boxer), was injured in an accident on August 28 at a friend’s braai.

The RECORD wrote about Anthony’s accident, where his clothes caught fire on a braai of friends while setting the fire.

There was flammable dust on the braaier which caused an explosion and Anthony burned his legs up to his face.
He suffered third degree burns and was immediately taken to Union Hospital, where he remained for four days before being transferred to the severe burns unit at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

He died in hospital on September 9 at around 6:35 a.m.

Remember a legend

Anthony Jardim will be forever remembered.

“The world lost a great man on September 9, a true warrior who now sits beside the throne of God. Anthony’s life came to an end and left us with heavy and sore hearts, ”said family spokesperson Susan Kruger.

“How do you express what he meant to us? How do I find the right words strong enough and good enough to describe it? “

The family is heartbroken and mourns the loss of a hero.

Susan wrote the following on behalf of the family:

A collage of photos of Anthony Jardim with his family and friends.

“Anthony, our warrior. You were a brilliant light shining in a dark world. Like a shining star on a dark night, you have always helped others with positive, enlightening advice in their time of need and grief.

“Your inspiring nature touched many hearts, and it was so easy to love you. Your love for Abba Father, Jesus and your ilk was unmatched. Your love for your wife, your children, grandchildren and young children was inviolable and irrevocable. All the members of your family whom you have loved infinitely. Your dedication to the Lord was unprecedented.

“We will never know why God decided to seek you out now, but He knew what was best for you, and we believe the saints and angels in heaven celebrated your arrival on Thursday morning.

Anthony Jardim with his wife Anna-Marie.

“You leave a great void in all of our lives, friends, family and just about everyone who has passed you.

“You will be dearly missed, but until we meet our warrior again, rest gently in the arms of your beloved Jesus Christ. “You will be for all eternity the beautiful warrior inside and out for us. We will all miss you. Rest in peace.”

Susan would also like to thank everyone on behalf of the family for their support, phone calls and messages during this very sad time.

Renowned martial artist

Anthony Jardim will be sorely missed.

Anthony was also one of the representatives of EBMAS South Africa, through which he taught martial arts and gave private lessons in his studio, training hundreds of people over the years.

His interest in and study of martial arts began in 1985 with an introduction to kung fu and taekwondo. Thirsty for knowledge, he also studied karate in 1987 up to a brown belt and competed in various karate tournaments at the black belt level.

Anthony studied Koga Ryu Ninjutsu in the first Ninjtsu organization in South Africa in 1987, continuing with that organization until shidoshi Brin Morgan came to South Africa and introduced Togakure Ryu Ninjutsu (Bujinkan Ninpo Taijutsu).

Anthony attended Morgan’s seminars every time he came to South Africa.

However, his greatest interest has always been Wing Chun Kung Fu, having met his first Wing Chun sifu in 1988, with whom he studied until his call for military service.

After completing his military service, Anthony began teaching and sharing Wing Chun with a small group of students.

He then participated in the Wu Shu Trials in 1992 and was chosen to represent South Africa in China. He then met Grandmaster Leung Ting in Hong Kong, and in 1996 he went to Hong Kong to study privately with him. During these trips, he also visited Grandmaster Ip Chun and Master Wong Shun Leung.

Another photo collage of Anthony Jardim with his family and friends.

Anthony then studied Muay Thai in Bangkok in 1996 and has been teaching Muay Thai since 1997. He was then chosen to coach the South African team which competed in China in 1999.

Additionally, he became South Africa’s first heavyweight MMA champion in 2000 at UFSA Wembley Stadium.

As a martial arts athlete, Anthony competed in the first K1 event in Africa in 2001. He was also the South African heavyweight sports champion Jiu Jujitsu in 2002. He also holds first degree black belts in WTF Taekwondo and Yoshinkan Jiu Jutsu.

Family and friends are heartbroken over Anthony’s death.

“My father was a role model for many and a father figure for many of his fighters. He was a very passionate man and he had a great fighting spirit, ”said his daughter, Natanya Barnard.

Help is always needed

A collage of photos of Anthony Jardim with his family and friends.

Susan said the Jardim family was still in need of financial donations to help pay Anthony’s medical bills.

“They are now facing the death of their stone in life and are sitting with all this medical debt,” she said.

People who wish to donate can do so through their BackaBuddy page.

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