Sifu Matrix mods turn you into a Neo

Do you know kung fu? A sequel of Mods Sifu Matrix was created by Halfmillz which finally lets you play as Neo fighting Agent Smith like all the enemies in the game. Apply all the mods together and you’ll get as close as possible to capturing the fast-paced martial arts fights of the movies.

What Comes With Sifu Matrix Mods

Halfmillz has provided a host of Sifu Matrix mods to Nexus Mods since launch, and with the preview trailer (posted below) the full effect is hard to ignore. With Reshade filters that tint the screen green, the addition of battle sound effects, and character models for Neo and Agent Smith from The Matrix: Path of Neo (plus a Matrix font mod from KangieDanie), Sifu looks like a real computer simulation of The Matrix. All it takes to install the full suite of Matrix mods is to unzip the files and replace the Sifu folder in its main directory.

It would make sense for Sloclap’s challenging roguelike to pair well with Matrix mods given the game’s furious and crunchy action sequences that focus on wing chun kung fu. When all enemies look like Agent Smith, the experience feels like you’re trapped in a nightmarish situation that only The One can survive. Hopefully, if a new Matrix video game is released based on The Matrix Resurrection movie, a new character model for Neo and Agent Smith can fit into that mod.

Halfmillz also created other Sifu mods, turning the protagonist into Venom, Spider-Man, Deathstroke, and Batman.

In other news, For Honor will get cross-play five years after launch, Ghostwire Tokyo has six graphics and performance modes on PS5, and Sony will headline Konami’s next indie convention.

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