These Coloradans are heading to the Tokyo Olympics

Of the 613 Olympians that the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee will send to compete in the upcoming Summer Olympics in Tokyo, 33 are from Colorado.

The Colorado Springs-based Olympic Committee announced the full national team on Wednesday. Athletes from 46 states and the District of Columbia are represented on this year’s U.S. team. Colorado has the third-highest number of people on the list, narrowly beating Texas’s 31. Olympians are encouraged to identify themselves by hometown, which may be different from their place of birth or place of childhood.

The Coloradians will participate in events as varied as kayaking, wrestling and taekwondo. The two Americans of the modern pentathlon – a multidisciplinary event where athletes compete in fencing, swimming, horseback riding, pistol shooting and distance running – are from Colorado. Javelin thrower Kara Winger, who lives and trains in Colorado Springs but is originally from Vancouver, will also be at the games.

The Olympics will kick off on July 21. The opening ceremony, during which athletes parade through the stadium to witness the lighting of the Olympic flame, will begin two days later. The Tokyo Paralympic Games will also begin later this summer, with those lists to be announced in early August.

Olympians around the world were devastated when the International Olympic Committee officially delayed the games last year, due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The athletes, who were mentally and physically ready to compete, suddenly had to figure out how to maintain their peak fitness for an extra year.

This year’s Summer Games will still be affected by the pandemic. With Tokyo under the state of emergency, spectators will not be allowed to watch the events in person. And, breaking with tradition, the winning athletes will have to drape their own medals over their heads.

Here are the Coloradans participating in the Summer Games and their events:

  • Zachary Lokken, Durango (canoe / kayak)
  • Christopher Blevins, Durango (bike)
  • Maddie Godby, Louisville (bike)
  • Erin Huck, Boulder (bike)
  • Yul Moldauer, Arvada (gymnastics)
  • Amro ElGeziry, Colorado Springs (modern pentathlon)
  • Samantha Schultz, Littleton (modern pentathlon)
  • Kendall Chase, Evergreen (rowing)
  • Jessica Thoennes, Denver (rowing)
  • Amber English, Colorado Springs (filming)
  • Lucas Kozeniesky, Colorado Springs (filming)
  • Will Shaner, Colorado Springs (filming)
  • Lindsey Horan, Golden (football)
  • Colin Duffy, Broomfield (sport climbing)
  • Brooke Raboutou, Boulder (sport climbing)
  • Anastasija Zolotic, Colorado Springs (taekwondo)
  • Valeria Allman, Longmont (athletics)
  • Hillary Bor, Colorado Springs (athletics)
  • Paul Chelimo, Colorado Springs (athletics)
  • Emma Coburn, Crested Butte (athletics)
  • Val Constien, Edwards (athletics)
  • Elise Cranny, Boulder (athletics)
  • Mason Finley, Chaffee County (athletics)
  • Bernard Keter, Colorado Springs (athletics)
  • Woody Kincaid, Littleton (athletics)
  • Annie Kunz, Denver (athletics)
  • Kevin McDowell, Colorado Springs (triathlon)
  • Summer Rappaport, Thornton (triathlon)
  • Jordyn Poulter, Aurora (volleyball)
  • Haleigh Washington, Colorado Springs (volleyball)
  • Adeline Gray, Denver (wrestling)
  • G’Angelo Hancock, Fontaine (wrestling)
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