Things You Might Have Missed About Takayuki Yagami

For a moment it seemed like the Yakuza spin off Judgement would remain exclusive to consoles. If fans wanted to see what new guys Takayuki Yagami and Masaharu Kaito brought to the table, they should pick up a PS4 or PS5. Instead, both Judgement and its sequel, judgment lost just hit PC via Steam on September 15, 2022. Just out of the blue too, aside from other RGG Studio bombs like Ryu Ga Gotoku: Ishinis remake and like a dragon 8.

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So now PC owners can finally see what console owners were up to in 2019. However, there may be a few details about its leader, Yagami, that they didn’t notice. From its design to its quirks, here are some trivia about Yagami.


7/7 It was inspired by Paul Newman

It was producer Kazuki Hosokawa’s idea to make the spin-off series protagonist a detective. The development team drew inspiration from many mystery and crime stories to create the man who became Takayuki Yagami. The most important source of inspiration came The verdicta 1982 film starring Paul Newman.

Newman starred as Frank Galvin, an alcoholic lawyer who takes on a medical malpractice case, settling on his beliefs when the hospital and their lawyers try to get him settled. It was this fall from grace and subsequent rise that inspired Yagami’s backstory as an ex-lawyer beaten down by a tough case and retaliating against a conspiracy surrounding a series of murders around Kamurochō.

6/7 He is the Anti-Kiryu

RGG Studio has produced protagonists that contrast with Yakuza lead Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza 4 gave fans three of them in both the fleet-footed Akiyama, the ruggedly rugged Saejima and the countersuit cop Tanimura. Yagami followed this same line of thought and is perhaps the most distinct of them all.

Kiryu is a heavyweight ex-yakuza who can send enemies flying down the street with a single punch and doesn’t hesitate to use firearms or blades in battle. Yagami is a law-abiding detective who assaults his enemies with nimble strikes and would rather disarm a gun than use it. He can’t take damage as well as Kiryu, but he can dodge hard blows better and get away from walls and others to get ahead. However, like Kiryu, Yagami has a strong sense of justice and sticks to his beliefs.

5/7 The law runs in his families

Being on the other side of Kiryu’s coin doesn’t mean Yagami doesn’t have ties to the yakuza itself. In fact, his upbringing is rather close to his adapted counterpart. Yagami’s parents were killed when his father, a defense attorney, proved a murderer innocent. The victim’s father took umbrage and orphaned the young Yagami. He settled in Kamurochō, where he was adopted by Mitsugu Matsugane, the patriarch of the Matsugane family of the Tojo clan.

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Instead of joining Matsugane’s ranks, the patriarch helped him focus on his ambition to become a lawyer. With the help of his friend Ryuzo Genda, they both funded Yagami’s entrance into law school and got him a job at Genda’s law firm. Thus, Yagami ended up with two father figures from different sides of the law to help him uphold it. However, his sense of justice is his alone.

4/7 His Kung Fu is self-taught

Yagami’s fight is not as hard as the Yakuza launched, although it is more agile, faster and can attack more enemies at once. Although inspired by Chinese kung fu, Yagami did not learn it from any of the Chinese characters in the game. It is a self-taught style which he calls the “Kamurochō style” and which was developed by the creators to lighten the mood of the dark narrative. This is why his movements are flashier and lighter than his predecessors.

His Crane style is all about delivering wide kicks that can hit multiple enemies, while his Tiger style focuses on single enemies with hard-hitting strikes. judgment lost gave him a new style, Snake, which Yagami developed alongside it. It’s a more merciful style where Yagami can use EX-Actions to knockout or subdue his opponents instead of knocking them out directly. This new style was assimilated to aikido by Yakuza executive producer Toshihiro Nagoshi. In practice, it is more like Wing Chun kung fu with the grips and throws of Yakuza 4it’s Tanimura.

3/7 His prototype look can be found in Yakuza Kiwami 2

Judgement would have been in development while the final touches were being applied to Yakuza Kiwami 2. Given that the two games were both created on the Dragon Engine, it’s no surprise that the two games share DNA. It’s quite noticeable with their versions of Kamurochō. Still, it was weird when people were digging through the files of the PC version of Yakuza Kiwami 2 and found a render of a familiar-looking character.

The face of the character is different, but there is no doubt about these clothes. His design is very similar to Yagami, down to the leather jacket, sneakers, and wallet chain. His move set data was also found in Kiwami 2 but without hitbox. This render was based on RGG Studio’s initial concept art for Yagami and might have been Detective Fans if they hadn’t gotten some marquee talent later on.

2/7 He is played by a member of the Boyband

Outside of Japan, Takuya Kimura is perhaps best known for his film roles, such as in Takashi Miike Immortal’s Blade. In Japan, he is an icon of television, screen and music. He made a name for himself as a member of SMAP, one of Asia’s most popular boy bands. One of the most enduring too, with a career spanning from 1988 to 2016. The group was a mainstay on Japanese television, but they also did projects separately.

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Kimura’s solo acting debut in the series long vacation in 1996 it caused such a stir that it was called the “Long-Vaca phenomenon”. Still, Kimura’s flawless image gave Nagoshi and others pause, thinking they should tone up. Judgement down to fit the actor. Surprisingly, he was open to their ideas, which led to the game being produced as is, with a few nods to Kimura’s previous roles.

1/7 This may have caused complications for the series

Judgement is Kimura’s biggest video game role since Japanese commercials for Earthbound. This led Japanese fans to refer to the Judgement games like ‘Kimutaku Ga Gotoku’ (like Takuya Kimura). Nagoshi feared that Kimura would appeal to domestic rather than international audiences or that his domestic fame would overshadow the game altogether. Fortunately, the series also caught on due to its own merits. However, his fate is still up in the air.

Kimura’s talent agency, Johnny & Associates, is infamous for strictly controlling access to its clients’ portraits. So much so that their own website would use silhouettes instead of photos for their clients’ movies. It is thanks to this control that the two Judgement games did not arrive on PC until September 2022. With this version, a third Judgement play with Kimura as Yagami may still be likely. Otherwise, Yagami Kaito’s friend or a new character will have to step in as the protagonist, lest judgment lost becomes the last Judgement.

Judgement is available to play on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna. judgment lostis available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Amazon Luna.

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